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RAMADDA provides you and your team with the tools to organize and keep track of all of your digital stuff — from documents and photos to lists, blogs and customizable wikis to business knowledge management and data integration services.

Easy to install, configure and maintain, RAMADDA provides the flexibility and control you need to manage your content and data - all under one comprehensive and extensible platform. We think RAMADDA is pretty useful and hope that you do too.
We've just released RAMADDA version 2.0

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We here at Geode Systems like to eat our own dogfood. This site is one large RAMADDA repository and all of the pages are displayed with RAMADDA's built-in wiki facility.

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Whether you work in a lab, in the field, or in an office, your team is probably drowning in a sea of documents, information and data. RAMADDA helps you organize your digital assets in a way that not only makes them easily accessible to everyone on your team, but lets you see connections and patterns you could have missed in the clutter.

RAMADDA provides deep and rich support for managing, analyzing, and visualizing almost any type of data -- from specialized scientific data formats to videos, spreadsheets, and word-processing files. It has an extensive list of easily-configured tools that let you find your digital data and figure out what it means.

Explore some of the ways RAMADDA manages content for different fields:

The Software

You can run RAMADDA in the office or in the cloud — even on your laptop. RAMADDA is released under a shareware and commercial license. It is free to use for the non-profit sector. The commercial license is 60 USD per registered user.

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RAMADDA's blogging features make it easy for everyone on your team to share vital information.


May 17, 2015
We're working integrating RAMADDA and Slack ( Slack is a team communication platform that has a very nice API for integration with external services. You can
  • Navigate around your RAMADDA content right from Slack
  • Import files and view and chart data.
  • Create wiki pages and blog posts from Slack
  • On the RAMADDA side you can import your Slack Teams, Channels and Messages and display them in lots of different ways.

Read more about RAMADDA and Slack integration

April 9, 2015
We've released RAMADDA 2.0. This represents a major step in RAMADDA development with a new shareware/commercial license.

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December 17, 2014
We've just released RAMADDA version 1.7. There are lots of new services, bug fixes, new entry types and display capabilities.

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November 24, 2014
Working on the recent effort to support tabular data from spreadsheets we now support the ability to integrate and display data from external databases.

Examples here
If you have been to our site in the past you can see that its undergone a major design change and cleanup. This effort has helped us refine and evolve the wiki capabilities with a set of new layout tags

Jeff's Ramblings

attending a couple of sessions - million cups and house of genius not sure about this whole thing - probably gotta get out hiking
Attending a session on startups impact on Boulder
May 8, 2015
It is Laura's graduation from CU this week. She has a dual major - Integrative Physiology & Psychology. She is applying to med schools this summer
I road tripped with my brother out to his place in Bullhead City AZ. We had a fun air/sea/land day. We flew in his plane out to the Grand Canyon, went jet-skiiing 30 miles on the Colorado River and rode ATVs up into the desert behind his place. Pictures below the fold


April 16, 2015
I had a tough tough hike down Central Gulch the other day. Ended up being 4 hours, 6 miles and 2200 feet of elevation gain.

Never Lose Another Piece of Information
Find that powerpoint from last year's conference. Look up those budget figures. Share your extensive data holdings with your users. RAMADDA's powerful search facility allows you to easily discover and access all of your digital assets.

Visualize, Interact With, and Understand Your Data
Breathe life into your web presence — RAMADDA provides rich services to explore and display your data.

Who is Using RAMADDA?

NOAA's ESRL-PSD group uses RAMADDA to manage and provide access to extensive climate model data and rich content.
OceanDrivers uses RAMADDA to provide cutting edge oceanographic data management services.
This site of course is a RAMADDA server.
UNAVCO is using RAMADDA to manage Terrestrial LiDAR Scanning (TLS) data for over 40 field projects.
The UNIDATA Program Center uses RAMADDA to provide access to meteorological case studies and real-time weather data and manage and support user community.
The Atmospheric Science department at the University of Albany uses RAMADDA to support their research and education mission.
University of Albany
The Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science at the University of Miami uses RAMADDA to manage and provide access to meteorological data and products.
Universtiy of Miami

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