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Integrated data and content management for the sciences and business.
Its time to go beyond pins, tumbles and likes. Data sharing and collaborative spaces for university students.
From your town to your world - develop hubs for community open data efforts. Check out boulderdata.org.

Find and publish a world of data from the USDA, FED, EIA, FDA and lots more sites.

And more
Integrate Slack, HipChat, DBs even FTP. Connect with SMS or email. Create todo lists and status boards with our data tables. Manage and display your photos, videos, spreadsheets and all of your other documents.

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Mancos Mesa - UT - USA

The Software
RAMADDA is an extensible turn-key data management platform that is easy to install, configure and maintain. What you see here - wikis, data, maps, blogs, charts - can easily be created in your own RAMADDA. Have fun!

RAMADDA is free to use - just display the shareware banner above. RAMADDA is also available for easy going license fees for commercial and non-profit organizations.
Please contact us with any questions regarding our support and custom development services. Thanks and we hope you enjoy the pictures.

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Flatirons - CO - USA
Featured Data

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Yaquina Head - OR - USA

January 25, 2016
November 27, 2015
November 21, 2015
Added support for Colorado Stream Gages
November 21, 2015
Added support for SNOTEL Sites - real time snow depths across the western United States.
November 17, 2015
Getting back to organizing the Boulder Data Wiki.
You can now search Reddit through RAMADDA. Here is a Live Import of /r/all .

So now, one can list a sub from Hipchat or Slack or through text message.

November 15, 2015
RAMADDA can now display IPython Notebooks.
A cool map display of US Population Census data.

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Cotswolds - UK

NOAA's ESRL-PSD group uses RAMADDA to manage and provide access to extensive climate model data and rich content.
OceanDrivers uses RAMADDA to provide cutting edge oceanographic data management services.
This site of course is a RAMADDA server.
The UNIDATA Program Center uses RAMADDA to provide access to meteorological case studies and real-time weather data and manage and support user community.
The Atmospheric Science department at the University of Albany uses RAMADDA to support their research and education mission.
University of Albany
The Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science at the University of Miami uses RAMADDA to manage and provide access to meteorological data and products.
Universtiy of Miami

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